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Interview Tips

Interviewing is an important part the candidate selection process. As a candidate it is important to be comfortable talking about yourself and being confident in your skills, past experience and future direction. Preparation plays a big part in being successful at interview.


  • Research (as much as you can) the organisation and the culture for the company that you are interviewing with;
  • Review your CV and remember your work history. It is important to think of relevant real life examples from your previous work history and how they could be used for this particular role;
  • Think about hypothetical questions that your new employer will ask and prepare some responses for answering;
  • Check and double check the meeting time, date, location and the people who you are meeting with; and
  • Arrive for the interview between 5 and 10 minutes early.

During the interview:

  • Listen thoroughly to the questions being asked and formulate a clear and concise answer drawing on examples from previous work to back up your capabilities;
  • Address all members in the room as though they are equal to the person asking the question; and
  • Switch off your phone before the interview and make sure that you have your full attention on the people interviewing you.