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Privacy Policy

  1. Interlogic Placements is an Engineering and IT recruitment company, based in Australia.
  2. Organisation
    Name: Interlogic Placements Pty Ltd
    Principal Office: Suite 13, 56-62 Chandos Street, St Leonards, NSW, Australia
  3. Collection of Data
    Interlogic collects data from people who apply to use our services to find employment.  We collect personal and sensitive data that is volunteered by those people only for the purpose of carrying out recruitment activities on their behalf.  The data is principally collected by submission of resume, completion of Application and Skills Forms, record of interview by telephone or in person and from mutually agreed referees.  Interlogic also collects data about our Clients and contacts within those Clients for the purpose of assisting with our supply of appropriate candidates to these Clients.
  4. Use and Disclosure of Information
    Information collected can be accessed by employees of Interlogic and will only be forwarded to companies with the permission of each applicant and only for the purpose of gaining employment with those companies.
  5. Confidentiality / Security
    People external to our company or visitors to our website cannot access personal data about candidates, clients, or client contacts.  Interlogic has a data handling policy to ensure security of information collected and held.
  6. Access to and Correction of Data
    Individuals may access their data held by Interlogic at any time by applying by sending an email to and by satisfying Interlogic of proof of identity.  A fee is applicable for each application.  Correction of data by individuals is allowable.
  7. Trans-border data flows
    Interlogic will take appropriate steps to ensure that foreign country recipients of candidate’s data have sympathetic privacy policies in place.
  8. Anonymity
    Individuals may access information about Interlogic and it’s services anonymously by viewing the website.
  9. Personal Information Definition
    Personal information is any information or an opinion (whether true or not) about a person.  It can range from general and public information such as name, address, phone number to sensitive (such as medical history).  It may include opinions about previous work performance (whether true or not), work experience, qualifications, aptitude test results, personality style test results and any other information obtained by Interlogic in connection with possible employment placement.
  10. Sensitive Information
    Sensitive information is a special category of personal information and is information or opinions about applicants’ work status in Australia, associations and memberships, religious beliefs, political beliefs, ethnicity, sexual preference/practices, criminal record, health or disability details. Sensitive information is only held by Interlogic if offered by consent of each applicant.